Top 10 Things To Do With Kids In Charlotte, NC

According to the experts, traveling improves the mental sharpness and physical strength of our kids. A family trip will encourage the mind of our little ones and stimulate their imagination. Above all, it strengthens the bond between you and your children.

Charlotte, NC is one of the most child-friendly cities in the United States. The beautiful city in North Carolina features nature, parks, museums, aquariums, and other must-visit attractions for kids in Charlotte. Below are 10 of the must-do experiences for your little ones in the “Queen City,”

  1. NASCAR Hall of Fame – Whether you’re a kid or a kid-at-heart, you’ll surely enjoy your visit to one of the most exciting tourist destinations in Charlotte, NC. It features historic race cars like the 1952 Hudson Hornet and other top cars in the sport of car racing. The museum has a stimulator that kids will surely fall in love with. You can also visit the Hall of Honor which was built to pay tribute to all NASCAR Hall of Fame inductees. If your kids are huge fans of Pixar’s Cars, they’ll be thrilled and delighted to see the characters from the movies in the Great Hall. Meeting with some of the professional drivers is also a highlight of the visit.
  2. Discover New Things at Discovery Place and Science – Learn new things about science by seeing, feeling, and hearing it at Discovery Place and Science. Your kids will enjoy an informative, interesting, and interactive tour at the museum. The astounding museum invites children to explore biodiversity and participate in various science experiments for kids. The IMAX theater also provides an excellent experience to the little guests. Your kids are bound to learn about science, our natural world, and even the human body at Discovery Place and Science!
  3. Experience Fun, Excitement, and Adventure at the U.S. National Whitewater Center – Considered as the world’s top outdoor facility, the U.S. National Whitewater Center features some of the best outdoor activities like whitewater rafting, zip lines, biking, and many more. It is a great venue for adults and families with kids due to the many activities it offers to its visitors. If you’re looking for an enjoyable place to bond with your kids, there are lots of things to do with children at this outdoor facility.
  4. Get Up Close and Interact with Birds at the Carolina Raptor Center – Experience the thrill of holding birds of prey at the Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte, NC. It is one of the best places to bring your kids to because of the opportunity to interact with birds and learn more about these amazing creatures.
  5. Enjoy the Thrill at Paramount’s Carowinds – If your kids are looking for some thrills, Paramount’s Carowinds offers endless activities to do with kids. The amusement park features roller-coaster and water rides for the thrill seekers as well as stage shows if you need to chill. Your kids will also love the dinosaur exhibit which allows your little ones to see and experience life in a Mesozoic setting.
  6. Inspire Your Imagination at ImaginOn – Your kids will enjoy the great storytime, interactive, and learning experience at the amazing library. The library was built and designed to stimulate the imagination of young children and encourage them to indulge in book reading. ImaginOn features a char-meck library system with interesting legos to inspire playfulness and imagination in children. The library promotes a positive experience for both children and adults!
  7. Freedom Park – If there’s a perfect place to chill with your kids, then Freedom Park is one of the best choices. Freedom Park offers more than most ordinary parks since there are lots of great activities to do while in the park. You can spread out a blanket, enjoy your favorite meal or snack, lie down and stare at the sky, or simply chill. Your kids will enjoy feeding the ducks at the famous duck pond. Create memorable experiences with the family while you strengthen your bond with your children at the relaxing park.
  8. Experience Jumping to New Heights at Sky High Sports Charlotte and Sky Zone Trampoline Park – Are your kids looking for a blast and an unforgettable experience in Charlotte NC? Take them to two of the most exciting destinations for kids and adults. Both Sky High Sports Charlotte and Sky Zone Trampoline Park will give you and your children a fun, thrilling, and memorable time. The environment is great as well as the staff. If you want to jump to new heights and satisfy your cravings for some thrills, these wonderful places for families will not disappoint. If you’re tired of subpar attractions, these two will definitely surpass your expectations!
  9. Learn and Explore at Discover Place and Nature – If you want to do something educational and positive with the kids, Discover Place and Nature offers lots of cool things for the family. There plenty of activities to do with the kids like see the animals as well as the extinct ones. The butterfly room features beautiful butterflies flapping around. There’s also an interesting and educative show at the planetarium area. It is a must-visit learning center if you’re looking for a place where your kids will enjoy and have fun.
  10. Learn about the Aquatic Creatures at Sea Life Aquarium – Bring your kids closer to nature at the Sea Life Aquarium where they can enjoy oceanic life up close. Sea creatures are featured in different massive tanks. Sea Life offers a great experience to both kids and adults with over a hundred types of fish and sea life. It is a great family place to visit if you want your kids to learn and appreciate sea creatures and life itself. Unlike most aquarium parks, Sea Life is interesting and a cool place to visit with the children. Kids have the opportunity to interact with aquatic creatures such as touching starfish. Your little ones will also love the jungle gym where they can expend their energy with other young visitors.
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