Top 10 Fastest Growing Careers In Charlotte, NC

If you’re looking for an opportunity to land a job in Charlotte, NC, it would be best if you know what careers are in-demand in one of the fastest growing cities in the New South. Since North Carolina is a state in constant change, progress, and growth, knowing what job would be popular in the coming years will help you plan for your future.
Although it is a good idea to choose a career that you are interested in, taking a job that will in the next decade also matter. Here are the top 10 fastest growing careers in Charlotte, NC according to the Department of Labor.

  1. Nurse Practitioners – A nurse practitioner or NP is qualified to evaluate the medical needs of a patient. They are classified as a mid-level practitioner. The average salary of nurse practitioners in Charlotte is $100,830 and is now considered as one of the fastest growing careers in the city.
  2. Statisticians – A statistician helps clients by using a statistical method to gather and analyze information. These data are then used to help solve problems in different industries. A statistician is in the top 100 highest paying jobs in Charlotte at an entry-level salary of $48,250 and an average salary of $82,410. If you’re looking for a promising career in the next decade, this one is a must-consider job for you.
  3. Home Health Aides – If you’re the type of person who’s into helping individuals by caring for them physically, mentally, and emotionally, then this is a career you must consider taking. A home health aide is one of the fastest growing divisions in the healthcare industry due to the rise in demand for medical attention and care in the home settings. Since there’s a worker shortage in the United States, you’ll have an opportunity to work and provide your medical services to those in need. If you have the passion and desire to care for others at their residence, then pick this career.
  4. Personal Finance Advisors – This job sits at number 33 in the top 100 highest paying jobs in Charlotte, NC. A personal finance advisor assesses an individual’s financial needs to help him come up with the best decisions required in a situation. Their job is to help the client decide on investments and plan for both short-term and long-term investment goals. They also assist the client with other financial plans including savings and retirement.
  5. Physical Therapist Aides – A physical therapist aide is someone who prepares patients in need of physical therapy treatment. Their job is to welcome the patients, comfort the patients, and provide assistance to the patients/watcher. They are involved in the direct care of the patients for physical therapy treatment. A physical therapist aide also assists patients by moving them to the treatment room and back to their room. They are also tasked with indirect patient care such as the cleaning and preparation of the treatment room and clerical responsibilities.
  6. Occupational Therapists – An occupational therapist helps patients by using everyday activities to treat illnesses, injuries, and disabilities. The job includes the development, improvement, and recovery of the patient through the therapeutic use of daily activities. Occupational therapists are number 87 in Charlotte’s top 100 highest paying jobs with an average salary of $79,220. It is a rewarding career worth taking if you’re into helping people recover from sickness, injuries, and disabilities. Since it’s included in the fastest rising careers in North Carolina, it’s a job you should consider taking if you’re looking for a stable career in the future.
  7. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers – Diagnostic medical sonography is a branch of diagnostic medical imaging. A diagnostic medical sonographer uses imaging by medical ultrasound to diagnos a patient. A sonographer works directly with patients through the use of diagnostic imaging machines. They operate in dimly lit rooms or at patient’s bedsides. Patients are diagnosed using high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the inside of the human body. A diagnostic medical sonographer works under the supervision of a physician. The work and responsibility of a diagnostic medical sonographer are challenging and requires mental sharpness.
  8. Credit Counselors – The job of a credit counselor is to examine, advice, and teach individual clients or companies on the acquisition and management of financial debts. They are tasked with providing supervision to clients in planning the best type of loan to suit their financial needs. If you’re having a hard time with debt management, you can hire a credit counselor to help you manage your financial responsibilities. They can develop a debt management plan you can follow to get you out of the debt cycle. They can also give you advice on debt issues if you need one. A credit counselor career is a good choice if you’re planning on spending your future in the field of finance.
  9. Physician Assistants – A physician assistant is someone who’s licensed to provide medical diagnosis and treatment. They are also licensed to prescribe medication for patients who are recovering from their illness and disease. Physician assistants work with a licensed physician or physicians in hospitals, clinics, and offices. The medical professional also assists in surgeries, perform physical examinations, and perform rounds in hospitals. It is a decent paying job that is considered as one of the rising careers in Charlotte, NC.
  10. Operations Research Analysts – The job description of an operations research analyst includes the formulation and application of mathematical modeling and other optimization methodology to collect and analyze data that will help real-life businesses come up with the right decision, policies, and management. They are also tasked with the identification of business problems by using statistical analysis or simulations. Basically, they develop and provide the best and most practical solutions to business problems.

These are the top 10 fastest growing careers in Charlotte NC that you need to consider if you’re planning on landing one of the hottest jobs in the next decade. Choose a career that does not only have good pay, but also one that you’ll never get tired of doing for the rest of your life!

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